Recertification of the Integrated Management System

✅ ISO 9001:2015

✅ AQAP 2110:2016

✅ ISO 22301:2020


During this year's audit, we obtained re-certification according to: ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 standards! We introduced these two standards to our company in 2001!

Additionally, this year we carried out the first certification of our system for compliance with the ISO 22301 standard, confirming that the processes and procedures introduced a few years ago meet the requirements for our company's business continuity management system.


Certificates confirm


ISO9001 maintaining the highest quality standards

AQAP readiness to implement security and defense contracts

ISO22301 ensuring business continuity of the organization


Quality and business continuity are at the core of our business: when designing and building #DataCenter facilities, quality is key, business continuity certification not only confirms our readiness to provide modern server rooms despite the current market turmoil, but is also a guarantee of the maintenance and SLA services provided to our partners.


We are very proud that once again our hard work towards process improvement has been appreciated by the Auditors of CCJ WAT, and the Certificates we have obtained in recent days are a formal confirmation of the Quality that our clients receive from us.