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About Us


TECHKO®, is an experienced team of specialists specialized in complex project realisation.

We are a Business Partner which is carring out projects for Clients in Poland and in other countries.

Since 2008, TECHKO® has held the 1st level Facility Security Clearance (FSC), MSWiA (Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland) Concession, Accredited ICT Security System and Secret Registry. This authorises us to access to information with "secret" assignment. Thanks to our qualifications, we are able to execute unclassified orders as well as projects in thefields of Defence and Security.


TECHKO® offers an energy audit services. Audits are made in compliance with EN 16247 standard and the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure in Poland. We offer the possibility of energy audits of industrial facilities and energy efficiency audits in accordance with the Law on Energy Efficiency together with representation of our Partners to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. These audits make it possible to recognise, design and implement solutions to save energy. 

Electric systems

TECHKO® offers a full range of services for the design, modernization and construction of electrical power systems, for power supply and servicing offices, industrial and public buildings of all sizes. Projects which we deliver are characterised by a system approach of our engineers. Thanks to this, the Investor receives a product which is compatible in terms of the applied solutions and technologies, transparent in topology and economically optimized during construction and exploitation. 

Professional Data Centres

TECHKO® offers services in the field of multi-sectoral design, realization and exploitation of professional Data Centres. Professional Data Centres, which have been designed, built, launched and serviced by our specialists, guarantee high efficiency and quality of the process and maximum level of data security at reasonable costs. Our skills have been successfully repeatedly proved in practice.


People who are part of the TECHKO® Management Board have many years of experience and extensive knowledge. They diligently and with high commitment take care of each aspect of the company's business, actively participating in daily duties. Starting from administration, through practical realisation of projects, to professional and complex contact with Partners. They care about good work organisation as well as about own and Employees' qualifications. They are unique and appreciate the uniqueness of others with whom they have the pleasure to work.

Our offer

Data center
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Odznaczenie Rzetelna Firma

TECHKO® – we are on the market for over 25 years and we continue to develop by extending the range of our offer.

- on polish market: since 1994
- on international market: since 2003

We provide complex solutions for general constructions planning and realization of works related to electrical and BMS installations. TECHKO® offers professional services at every stage of the project: from diagnosis of the existing situation, through development of the strategy and technical solutions, to implementation and monitoring of the solution's functionality. We offer services using proven installation and construction technologies, matched to Partner needs. 

  • System design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • System design

    System design

    - multi-discipline construction design
    - systemic design of comprehensive power and low-voltage installations
    - analysis of reliability parameters of electricity power installations

How do we work?

We organise our cooperation with the Partner in the phases described below:

Analysis phase
Design phase
Implementation phase
Maintenance phase
  • Analysis phase
  • Design phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Maintenance phase
  • Analysis phase

    Gathering and synthesising the Partner's needs, including aspects such as risks that may affect the functioning of the Centre, location and environmental conditions, reliability requirements or safety conditions.


    Our customers
    about cooperation

    TECHKO® had been committed to many projects of commercial offices, public utility buildings, industrial facilities and data centres. Providing services like engineering, auditing, installing, maintenance, we gained good opinion and high appreciation of our Partners, expressed in constant renewal of cooperation.

    For those interested, we are happy to provide a detailed list of references.

    Since 1994

    "The company Techko Sp z o.o. provides design and implementation services at a high level, meeting our technical requirements and we can fully recommend it as a reliable and professional Partner for projects requiring qualified staff and good organization of work."


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    • Projekt
    • Designing
    • Implementation

    Data Center in Poznan




    Preparation of a concept design with accompanying documentation for two Data Centers in Poznań with a power allocation for first data center of 8MW and for the second data center design was prepared in two variants - with a power allocation of 33 MW and 25 MW.

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