We have started next project


???? We are pleased to inform you about the start of another construction for one of the largest Data Center providers in the world. ????????‍????

We are proud that we manage to keep our Contractors satisfied and establish cooperation with them for the future. Thank you for your trust.

???? TECHKO® - General designer and executor of electrical installations and BMS ????

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New technology for Data Centers' building - "ModularDC"


❗️ ModularDC, this is the name of a new product offered by TECHKO® on the basis of an agreement concluded with Climatic - Budownictwo Modułowe.

Under the name ModularDC we hide complex solutions connected with designing and building Data Center type objects, on the basis of Climatic modular system with technical infrastructure compliant with norms and standards for this type of objects.

➡️ Our new product is a kind of innovation which combines high quality and durability of traditional construction with the speed and mobility of container systems. ModularDC complements our offer in Data Center segment, because this type of buildings were made in traditional technology (concrete, masonry walls, etc.) or container technology (interconnected containers), which involved difficult choice between quality and short time of investment realization.

ModularDC is an offer for companies that want to build a primary or backup Data Center for their needs or want to provide commercial services (colocation, data storage, cloud services) and need a facility built in a short period of time, at a reasonable budget and "close" to the customer. It is also a proposal for companies that need to modify their existing technological solutions (IT, telecommunications) and require scalable solutions that are easy to expand and meet high technical and functional requirements.

???? If you are interested in this product and would like to know more about the technical details of this solution, please contact us by email modulardc@techko.eu.

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