Data Center in Jawczyce

On the plot in Jawczyce, we designed three buildings for Hector S.A. for the purpose of Data Center with IT white space respectively 1000m2, 1000m2, 2600m2 and total capacity 5MW, 5MW, 8,6MW. The advantages of the project are: excellent location, the presence of necessary energy and fiber optic infrastructure, and the use of effective solutions ensuring low TCO of the facility. We have a complete construction project together with the necessary decisions, including the decision on the building permit. The size of the plot allows to design a fourth building with an IT space of 800 square meters. In the server rooms being built, IT resources of potential customers will be located, who in a short time will be able to migrate their systems to modern Hector Data Center facilities [gallery ids="370"]

Energy audit

On 10/02/2018, TECHKO received references for the energy audit of the company, including a 5MW server room from Onet S.A. As part of the audit, we carried out SPBT and NPV analysis aimed at determining the profitability of investments whose aim is to increase the energy efficiency of the company.

Techko sponsors the Data Center Conference held with the Uptime Institute. The Conference will take place on 22nd of June 2017 at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw

Data Center Industry development is very dynamic. Uptime Institute's Tier Standards are used globally by Data Center Owners and Operators alike to benchmark and optimize the reliability of their data centers Infrastructure and minimize downtime. The conference agenda will highlight the region specific data center challenges by bringing together domestic and international subject matter experts to share and discuss best practice.

25th Final of “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy”

On 15th of January 2017 TECHKO supported "Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy", polish charity, by providing purchase funds for medical equipment to save lives and health of children in paediatric wards and to ensure health care for senior citizens.

Power installation for aircraft – installation of 400 Hz

Techko Sp. z o.o., as a leader of the consortium together with two other companies: Business Power Sp. z o.o. and ITS Solutions Sp. z o.o., was selected for the task "Implementation of design and executive documentation with the delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment for the electrical installation of 400 Hz and installation of equipment along with key deposit ." Implementation of design, delivery and commissioning of power systems for aircraft, installation of key deposit met the technical and functional requirements of the Purchaser. We've completed the given task successfully and on schedule.  

The MSWiA trade concession on products and technology for military or police use.

Minister of the Interior and Administration on the basis of art. 6, paragraph 1 and art 7, paragraph 1 of the Act of 22 June 2001 on conducting business activities in the area of production and trading in explosives, weapons, ammunitions, as well as products and technologies for military or police use  (Journal of Laws of 2012. item. 1017, as amended) granted Techko Sp. z o.o. trade concession on materials for military or police use along with technology.

Data Center

We obtained another valid building permit for the Data Center facilities for collocation. Server room area 980m2. The guaranteed power for the IT devices is 2.8 MW and it is generated by static and dynamic UPS.

Large server room design

A valid building permit for the server room located in the Mazovian Voivodship has just been awarded. Our scope of responsibility includes design of the MV installation, LV electric installations and low-current installation set. The total area of the facility is 15 400m2 IT room - 3 880m2 Total power for the server room purposes is 8MW in each power supply track All investments in the server rooms, both IT and air conditioning, are powered by dynamic UPSs, 2 MW each.

Office-server facility

We implemented a multi-trade building design and obtained the building permit for the office-server facility located in the Mazovian Voivodship. Brief facility characteristics: - Total area - 9000m2 - Total area of server chambers - 2600m2 - Total office area 2000m2 - Guaranteed power for IT devices - 4680kW We applied dynamic UPSs for power supply of the IT devices, in the UBTD configuration, with total power of 2MW and uninterrupted power of 1.4 MW each.

Integrated Management System Audit

The audit of our company’s Integrated Management System was conducted on 28.01.2016. The positive audit result confirmed compliance of our management system with standard PN-EN 9001 and publication AQAP 2110.

1st level Industrial Safety Certificate

On 14 January 2016, we received the 1st level Industrial Safety Certificate awarded by the Internal Security Agency in Warsaw. We have an ICT system as well as full capability providing security of confidential information with “classified” clause against unauthorised disclosure in relation to contract performance. The certificate is valid to 14 January 2023.

24th Finals of “ Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy”

On 10 January 2015, we supported Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, providing funds for purchase of medical devices for paediatric wards and to ensure health care for senior citizens.

Data Center of the National Bank of Poland

We drafted a multi-trade design-cost estimate documentation for construction of the power installation of the Data Center in the building of the Headquarters of the National Bank of Poland in Warsaw, at ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21. We developed the following within the scope of design documentation:
  • Conceptual design
  • Building design, with obtaining a valid decision on the building permit
  • Executive design
  • Specifications for Work Accomplishment and Acceptance
  • Take-offs and client budget estimates

Data Center of S.A. Group

We implemented a multi-trade project involving re-development of rooms intended for collocation as well as comprehensive performance of the Data Center with area of ca. 200 m2 and IT power of 300 kW. The scope of the contract included construction works, with development of the following systems: LV power supply, precise air conditioning, ventilation, BMS, SSP, SUG, WDD, SSWiN, SKD in the Onet Data Center facility - server room of S.A. Group. The effect of performance of our works is a fully functional, professional Data Center infrastructure, meeting the TIER III requirements.

Server room of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

We implemented a multi-trade building and executive design for the task “Adaptation of a part of rooms of the garage in building no. 21 in the UKSW campus at ul. Wóycickiego 1/3 for a server room” and we obtained final valid building permit decision. The scope of the development included two studies: “Re-development design for a fragment of the underground garage for the purpose of a local server room in building no. 21 in the UKSW campus at ul. Wóycickiego 1/3” - “Foundation design for the power generator, along with the LV power supply cable line for building no. 21”. The facility was constructed on the basis of the drafted designs.

Server room

We completed performance of a task regarding development of multi-trade project documentation, with obtaining valid environmental and building permit decisions for construction of the server room located in Warsaw. The net area of server chambers is 1000m2. The guaranteed power for the IT devices is 1400 kW. The designed technical infrastructure of the building meets the Tier IV requirements acc. to Uptime Institute, but it can be limited to Tier II or II, depending on the users’ needs. The facility is under construction.

Office address change

TECHKO changed its Warsaw office address on 1 February 2015. Currently, the office is located at ul. Robotnicza 5 in Warsaw.

Techko becoming a partner of German company Piller

Techko became a technical partner of the German company Piller, specialising in high power dynamic adapters, called DRUPS, as well as 400 Hz dynamic and static adapters for aircrafts.

Data Center in Bialystok Science and Technology Park

Techko completed performance of the task regarding preparation of design documentation for the Data Centre infrastructure of Białystok Science and Technology Park.


Techko extended its competences with the PRINCE2® methods, gaining knowledge regarding management and work in the project environment, using the best globally recognised project management methods.

TECHKO becoming partner of Hitec Power Protection

On 11 July 2014, TECHKO Sp. z o.o. officially became the Certified Partner of Hitec Power Protection BV. Hitec is a global leader in Dynamic UPC adapters.

Design of the Rescue Notification System Technical Center in Radom

As a result of the tender procedure, TECHKO was selected the contractor of the following task by the Municipal Headquarters of the National Fire Service in Radom.

Białystok Science and Technology Park

In September 2013, Techko signed the contract with the City of Białystock regarding development of project documentation for the Data Centre infrastructure of Białystock Science and Technology Park, along with author’s supervision.


We were awarded the Accredited Tier Designer – ATD certificate issued by the Uptime Institute, joining the small group of professional Data Centre designers who hold this title.


Techko carries out works on conceptual designs for two DATA CENTRE type facilities, with server areas of ca. 3000 m2 each. Both facilities are located in the Mazovian Voivodship.

University Sports Centre in Toruń

Based on the order of DB Projekt Sp. z o.o., Techko developed technical documentation of the design of the UMK University Sports Centre in Toruń within the scope of electric, ICT and automatic installations and networks.

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

TECHKO and DB Projekt established an executive Consortium for the purpose of performance of the order of Bank Fospodarstwa Krajowego (agreement of 30.12.2010).

A2 Motorway Konin – Stryków

From January 2010 to May 2011, Techko participated in adjustment of A2 motorway to the toll motorway standards.

Almamer Higher School

In November 2010, Techko sp. z o.o. and Almamer Higher School signed the contract for performance of works connected with implementation of the investment entitled: \“Completion of construction of the building of ALMAMER Higher Economic School located in Warsaw\”.

Integrated Management System Audit

The audit of our company’s Integrated Management System was conducted on 31.01.2011. The audit was completed with a positive result - compliance of the management system with standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and publication AQAP 2110:2009 was confirmed.

1st level Industrial Safety Certificate

Techko was awarded the first level Industrial Safety Certificate issued by the Military Counterintelligence Services in Warsaw. This means that our enterprise has full capability to provide protection of confidential information designated with the “classified” clause, i.e. it has a properly secured computer station, secret office and employees with security licences regarding the “classified” clause. The certificate is valid to 21 August 2015.